Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Wonder Year

It was a year ago that I arrived at my new house here in Nova Scotia. Well, technically it was a year ago yesterday but if we are using May 26th as an anniversary date then today is a calendar year. Time is a real enigma and plays tricks on you. It makes you believe it's moving slowly but when you reflect on the past it seems like everything happened in a fleeting moment.

Remember the rig? Well, I wondered why everyone was so worried about me before I left and while I was on the road. I felt perfectly safe at the time, like it was a totally reasonable prospect to drive 5000km with 4 dogs, 3 cats and all my stuff jammed into an unregistered trailer. Now I think "No way I'd let my daughter do that!" 

My parent's house was a welcome sight when I arrived in Nova Scotia. And for the dogs too since they'd been trapped without a good run for 3 or 4 days.

It was great to see my little house again, I hadn't seen it since I bought it 6 months prior to my arrival.   

My parents helped me move in and let me tell you, it took way less time to unload that trailer than to pack it! The mess took much much longer to address though.

It took almost a year to get everything arranged the way I wanted it but finally I think most rooms are pretty well as I like them. One day the laundry room will have a wall to separate it from the kitchen but that's on the list of future projects, along with painting the ceilings(still), the house skirting, fascia, a patio and a few other small projects. Those will have to wait until I can afford them!

For now though, I couldn't ask for a more contented life. It is everything I wanted and more. I took such a chance on moving out here, knowing almost no one, having no job, travelling with so many animals ... and every single moment has been worth it. Huge thanks to everyone who helped me along the way; my parents Terry & Stephanie, my brother Ben, Tanja, Phil & Joanne, Bill & Donna, Liana, Adine, Erin, Kim, Jeff & Danielle, and everyone else who had some hand in seeing me safely to my new life. The dogs, cats and I can never thank you enough! Now ... come visit dammit!